First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church
of Salt Lake City

777 South 1300 East
Not what you’d expect, but maybe what you are looking for...


We are Baptists who worship an inclusive Christ…
We invite all people, regardless of color, gender, sexual orientation, or station in life, to be on their journey of faith, exploring what it means to follow Christ together.  We deliberately work to make room for many different perspectives and life experiences; young and old, different cultures, different faith experiences, all coming together and sharing the richness of our faith with one another.

We are Baptists who are not too concerned with doctrine…
We are less concerned with doctrinal statements and dogma and are more concerned with seeking the wisdom of scripture, tradition and our own faith experiences in making sense of our lives today and counting on the Holy Spirit to reveal it to us.

We are Baptists who meet you where you are…
Whether you are a believer, a seeker or a doubter, we invite you to develop and foster your faith in an environment that is encouraging and safe.

We are Baptists who see faith as something you do…
Faith is not something you have, it is a call to action. In faith, we seek to be a community who love beyond our congregation to the community and the world, not to manipulate people into becoming one of us, but to do good for the sake of doing good and contributing to the world.

We are Baptists who don’t claim to be the only way…
We acknowledge that there are many different faith traditions and experiences that draw people into deep relationship with God. As Christians, we accomplish this through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, seeing Christ as the lens through which we make sense of the world and God’s activity in it.

We are Baptists who are building on a long tradition…
First Baptist Church has been an inclusive, progressive voice in Salt Lake City for over a century. We are committed to honoring that faithful witness by being relevant today and in the future.

We invite you to explore further and get to know us through this website or in person at any of our programs.


A Good Beginning



February 25, 2018
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777 S 1300 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84102


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